Griffith University International - Experience Griffith in Virtual Reality

Griffith Health - Virtual Reality Experience

Griffith University International is using Virtual Reality to enable prospective students abroad to experience life at Griffith. Students are able to virtually visit various spaces from the clinical to the creative, look around and explore everything without stepping foot on campus.

I filmed this project for ThinkVR with assistance of my good friend Iouri Ilioukhine on the audio recording. Talent selection and scripting was done by the Griffith International Team and everyone shown on camera was either a student or a lecturer at Griffith University so it’s fair to say it was for the most part an in-house production. We filmed scenes across their Gold Coast Campus, Nathan Campus and South bank Campus in Brisbane.

A project like this has it’s challenges when a lot of piece to camera takes are to be done, but in this case, the in-house talent worked pretty well and positively added to the sense of authenticity of these VR Experiences. People from many different origins got a chance to appear on camera and speak about their life at Griffith University, with reflected the mix of people you find studying at Griffith.

The video on top is the Griffith Health Virtual Reality Experience. Meet three students studying health at Griffith University. Calvin Xu is completing his Doctor of Medicine, Fatima is studying a Bachelor of Dentistry and Christine is pursuing a Bachelor of Nursing.

ADaPT Lab - Virtual Reality Experience

The video above was filmed on the School of Engineering. Bren (Bachelor of Industrial Design) is joined by Nick Emerson to show us around the Advanced Design and Prototyping Technologies (ADaPT) lab.

3D Modelling - Virtual Reality Experience

In the Liveworm studio Jayden (studying a Bachelor of Creative and Interactive Media) and his lecturer Daniel Della-Bosca discuss what to expect when studying 3D modelling.

Creative Industries - Virtual Reality Experience

Zoe Murray (studying a Bachelor of Design) and Associate Professor Christopher Klopper are in the Liveworm studio discussing studying creative industries.

Pharmacy Lab - Virtual Reality Experience

Josh is studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Griffith University and is joined by Associate Professor Gary Grant to show us around the new virtual reality pharmacy lab.

Big Data Lab - Virtual Reality Experience

Leon Andov (studying Bachelor of Computer Science) and Professor Bela Stantic show us around the Big Data Lab.

Hotel Management - Virtual Reality Experience

International students Angel and Diana share their experience of studying hotel management at Griffith. Lecturer Dr Barry Fraser understands the importance of integrating industry experience into the curriculum.

Meet the Griffith Mates - Virtual Reality Experience

Meet a few Griffith Mates - Daisy, Alvin, Severino and Chloe. They are have a Mates pool party at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre playing games and eating pizza.

To learn more about Griffith University International visit: Griffith International Virtual Experience